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Road traffic

Weight restrictions and overweight vehicles

The Public Protection Partnership (PPP) enforces weight restriction orders made under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

It is an offence to drive a vehicle through a restricted area where the vehicle exceeds the weight limit imposed (unless delivering or collecting items within the weight restriction). Routine inspections are undertaken on weight restrictions across Bracknell Forest and West Berkshire areas to ensure vehicles are not breaking the law. These orders are intended to protect old or weak bridges and structures as well as to stop heavy vehicles accessing areas not suitable or which pose a danger. Weight restrictions for goods vehicles exist for the safety of all road users, PPP helps to enforce these restrictions.

PPP officers also undertake routine patrols with Thames Valley Police to check for overweight vehicles on the roads. Potentially overloaded goods vehicles are identified, stopped and directed to a weighbridge. Overweight vehicles not only cause damage to roads (requiring tax payers money to fix) but also having an over weight vehicle affects a driver's efficiency to break and steer, therefore putting themselves and other road users at risk.

Advice to drivers

The driver of the vehicle as well as the business are liable for these offences. If your vehicle is seen breaching a weight restriction or it is found to be overloaded you may be prosecuted.

Make sure you know the plated weight and individual axle weights for your vehicle, be aware of the weight of items in your load and plan your route in advance (following satnav advice is not an acceptable defense).

Trading Standards officers are not able to investigate an incident reported by a member of the public unless specific information such as the vehicle registration number is provided in writing nor are we able to investigate incidents involving foreign-registered vehicles.

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