A shared service delivering Environmental Health, Licensing and Trading Standards across Bracknell Forest Council and West Berkshire Council

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Our Values and Aims


Our values have a major influence on the way we want to be seen:

  • objectivity¬†in decision-making
  • the desire to meet the needs of the community and
  • an approach to service delivery which is professional on every level.


  • The sharing of expertise and best practice.
  • The creation of greater resilience and robustness to cope with unforeseen challenges such as disease outbreaks, large scale investigations or loss of key personnel.
  • Sharing and developing resources to drive efficiency and effectiveness including systems and areas of specialist knowledge such as legal, finance and investigative skills.
  • Eliminating duplication by needing to do things only once across all locations and elements of the service for example procedures and standard documentation.
  • Building on the success and innovation of the partners to agreement and learning from each other and implementing that learning.
  • The effective use of communication to protect communities and enhance the reputation of the Partnership and the Councils.
  • Reduce costs by operating jointly.
  • Making effective use of partnership funding, service specific grants and monies received from the Proceeds of Crime Incentivisation Scheme.
  • Development of the Service in ways which drive further efficiencies and service improvements.
  • Playing our role and enhancing our reputation on a regional and national level.
West Berkshire