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Construction site dust

Dust problems caused by work on construction and demolition sites can be unreasonable. This can be avoided by changing working practices and taking preventive measures to remedy the problem.

Good practice involves the following:

• use suitably covered skips and enclosed chutes
• erect and maintain suitable barriers or awnings to screen the building and scaffold to effectively minimise dust and debris from falling or being blown over the boundaries
• maintain and use a sufficient supply of water and an effective means of dispersing it in order to dampen dust and minimise its emission from the premises and
• do not permit the sweeping of any dust or dusty material without it being damped down.

During excavation and subsequent movement of material consider the following:

• dampen down the area being excavated to reduce the possibility of wind blown dust and
• wash down all machinery and vehicles (including wheels) prior to leaving the site or joining a public highway. This will prevent dust being transported outside the construction area.

industrial digger moving rubble
Bracknell Forest
West Berkshire