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Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

Safety Advisory Groups are made up of representatives from each local authority, emergency services and other relevant bodies. Members meet at regular intervals, or when necessary to review event applications and advise on public safety.

The role of the SAG is to provide advice to individuals and organisations planning a public event.  Event organisers can refer their event to the SAG by completing and submitting an event form with any associated documents to SafetyAdvisoryGroup@westberksgov.uk or by using the following links:

Planning an event in Bracknell Forest

Organise an event in Wokingham

The form will be circulated to SAG members to review.  

The SAG will consider the information provided and depending on the nature and scale of the event, the organiser may be invited to one of the SAG meetings to discuss proposals in more detail. 

Recommendations given by the SAG are advisory only and it is for the event organiser to ensure an event is undertaken safely. 

You may wish to refer to event safety guidance which can be found on the HSE website


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