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Invasive weeds

Recently, an information note on Japanese knotweed, published by the home office has indicated that invasive weeds can be dealt with as part of the regime of the Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) Act 2003.

The Public Protection Partnership (PPP) may be able to assist with your concerns with invasive weeds where there is a community concern or structural damage to a property.  However, harmful and invasive weeds can be dealt with by different agencies in a number of ways depending on the circumstances. For example, legislation exists, The Weeds Act 1959, to deal with the transportation, destruction and removal of invasive weeds which are not dealt with by PPP. The Environment Agency and Natural England have specific legislation in place that may be appropriate if particular types of plants are concerned.

Please visit the GOV.UK for advice and further details on harmful weeds and invasive species.

If you are still concerned, please contact us.

invasive weeds
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