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Abandoned vehicles

An abandoned vehicle is one where the circumstances indicate that the owner has no further interest in it. The council has a duty to remove any abandoned vehicle which is on council-owned or public land.

Every case is different however below are the indicators that a vehicle has potentially been abandoned:

• out of tax
• remains in the same place for in excess of 28 days
• no obvious owner
• flat tyres
• vandalised
• insecure
• contains waste and
• burnt out.

Before we will consider if a vehicle is abandoned, an online DVLA tax check should be completed here. Note: If a DVLA trace shows the vehicle has a local keeper then it cannot be considered as abandoned.

Parking illegally or inconsiderately should be reported directly to the Police by calling 101.

To report an abandoned vehicle in the Bracknell Forest local authority area please click here.  

To report an abandoned vehicle in West Berkshire please click here


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