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Commercial nuisance

Noise, dust, odour and smoke nuisances can occur from commercial premises or construction sites from time to time. Normally these are preventable from restrictions placed through licensing, permits or the planning process. However there are instances when commercial nuisances are unreasonable, avoidable and inconsiderate.

Note - Summer 2021 - the Government has relaxed the rules around supermarket deliveries as one of the measures dealing with the current HGV lorry driver shortage. See link here for more details. 

What you should do

  • Firstly inform the premise or site directly of your concern either verbally or write a polite letter to them and give a reasonable length of time for them to rectify the situation. You might like to refer to our tips for speaking to your neighbours document below.
  • If the nuisance was from a one off event that has now finished, notify the source of the disruption and explain what impact this caused and request that they are more considerate in the future.
  • Repeat concerns should be report directly to their head office/premise licence holder for remedial action to be implemented.
  • Not all environmental nuisances can be considered by us. Please refer to what we cannot consider before making a formal complaint as you may need to contact another service to get the relevant assistance.

Tried all of the above and still need help?

Contact us for advice and an officer will discuss your case and explain how a formal complaint is investigated by PPP. You will be required to provide written evidence and have correctly identified the source of the nuisance before we can act on your behalf.

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