A shared service delivering Environmental Health, Licensing and Trading Standards across Bracknell Forest, West Berkshire and Wokingham Borough Councils

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Joint Public Protection Committee

Joint Public Protection Committee (JPPC)

This is the top tier of governance consisting of each Partners' Executive Member covering the full range of Environmental Health, Licensing and Trading Standards. In addition each Partner nominates a second Member and a substitute Member. The purpose of the JPPC is primarily to determine on matters of policy and strategic direction for the partnership, including considering and determining applications to be part of the Partnership or the services provided by it. Additionally the JPPC have financial oversight to ensure that budgets are being well managed, to understand any risks that may arise during the term of the agreement, keep under review the agreed percentages and proposing a fee structure for the three Councils.

JPPC membership

An Executive Member from each Unitary Authority (voting member)

Councillor John Harrison - Bracknell Forest Council

Councillor Hillary Cole - West Berkshire Council 

Councillor Bill Soane – Wokingham Borough Council 


A nominated Member from each Unitary Authority (voting member) 

Councillor John Porter - Bracknell Forest Council

Councillor Rick Jones - West Berkshire Council 

Councillor Barrie Patman - Wokingham Borough Council 

A nominated substitute from each Unitary Authority

Total: Nine Elected Members (up to six voting members at each Committee).


Frequency of meetings



Executive decision making on behalf of all Partner Authorities, setting of policy and service priorities, reviewing performance information and recommending budget proposals to the Partner Authorities.

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