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18 March 2020 - Coronavirus Scams

We are starting to hear reports of numerous scams taking place across the country with regards to Coronavirus. Unscrupulousness scammers are taking advantage of the media coverage and heightened sense of fear. 

Criminals are targeting individuals as well as industries.

In common with most other crisis situations, criminals are using emails, text messages, social media posts, online advertisements and phone calls to defraud their unsuspecting victims.

1. Click here for a cure – emails are being sent purporting to be from a doctor claiming to have details about a vaccine being covered up by the UK and Chinese Governments. You will be taken to a fake web page where your details will be harvested. NEVER click on links in emails.

2. Covid-19 Tax Refund Email – this has links to access a refund and you will be asked to put in all of your financial information. The HMRC will never advise you of a tax refund in this way. NEVER click on links in emails

3. Fake Online Advertisements – these include, protective masks, sanitising gel, vaccines (these do not currently exist) and appeals from fake charities

4. Criminals are also knocking on doors selling Coronavirus tests. These are fake and won't tell you anything.

5. Offers of help to get shopping from knocking on door - criminals are knocking on doors of elderly and offering to get some shopping for them. Leaving with their bank card or cash and not returning. Please be aware, although there are genuine offers of help from the community always go through a known channel or charity. Never give you card or cash to individuals you do not know. No matter how charming they appear. 

DON’T get tempted into ordering any of these items – it is unlikely that you will receive your product and your money will be gone.

DON’T believe everything you read – for accurate and up to date information use reliable and official sources such as the Government Official website and the NHS



In these worrying times look after your money and look after yourselves.

If you become aware of a scam please report it to Citizens Advice.


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