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Nuisance neighbours

Do you have a neighbour that is disrupting your life by playing music too loudly, cannot control their barking dog, continually burns rubbish or has a cockerel been waking you up too early? Do you feel that their actions are unreasonable, avoidable and inconsiderate? Has this situation been ongoing for a while?

What should you do?

  • Firstly inform your neighbour, or their landlord, of your concern either in person or write a polite note to them and give a reasonable length of time for them to improve the situation. You might like to read our 'Tips on speaking to your neighbours' in Associated documents below.
  • Be aware that neighbours might not appreciate the impact they are having on you and there may be other factors which cause difficulties in controlling their behaviour, such as a mental or physical condition.
  • In cases of a barking dog please appreciate that the owners are very unlikely to know that a dog barks or is unsettled when left alone.
  • If the nuisance was from a one-off event, like a New Year's Eve party, notify the neighbour after the event and request that they are more considerate in the future and
  • Not all environmental nuisances can be considered by us. Please refer to what we cannot consider before making a formal complaint as you may need to contact another service to get the relevant assistance.

Tried all of the above and still need help?

Contact us for advice and an officer will discuss your case and explain how a formal complaint is investigated by the PPP. You will be required to provide written evidence and have correctly identified the source of the nuisance before we can act on your behalf.

Associated documents

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