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8th June 2022 - Dog Safety Code

Dog Safety Code

Leading animal welfare organisations have teamed up to produce a shareable infographic to encourage safe interactions with dogs.

The Dog Safety Code encourages everyone to be alert, aware and – most importantly – safe around dogs. 

We are a nation of dog lovers and dogs are often part of the family, so it is vital that both parents and children are equipped with the knowledge they need to enjoy spending time with dogs safely.  

We know that sometimes dog bites can happen because of certain circumstances or because we miss important signals from dogs. Being dog safe and following the Dog Safety Code can help to prevent that from happening.

The Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG) Dog Safety Code highlights three crucial messages that all dog owners and families need to know:

  • Be Alert - always keep an eye on your dog around children. Never leave them alone together.
  • Be Aware - dogs use signals to tell us how they feel - what is your dog telling you?
  • Be Safe - any dog can bite. Accidents happen fast. 

For more information see link here

Dogs Trust - Dog Body Language Poster - see link here

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