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17th June 2022 - Is the Ice Cream Van Your Buying From Licensed?

Is the Ice Cream Van Your Buying From Licensed? 

We all love an ice cream in the hot weather. But is the trader you're buying from licensed? Are they adhering to strict food hygiene and allergens standards?
We're aware of unlicensed ice cream traders operating in our area. So before you buy double check they're licensed and have a food standards rating.
Some of these vans announce their locations ‘last minute’ via local Facebook groups.
We are asking members of the public to keep an eye out for vendors without a consent.
➡️ How do I know if the ice cream van has a street trading consent?
Where a consent has been granted this should be clearly displayed on the vehicle and visible to customers.
➡️ How can I check if it has a Food Hygiene Rating?
You can check an operator’s food hygiene ratings on the Food Standards Agency website.
Please check before you purchase so you can be assured you are buying from a registered trader who is adhering to food hygiene standards and allergen regulations.
Traders granted a consent are routinely checked for food hygiene standards and adherence of their Street Trading Consent.
➡️ What to do if you think a trader isn't registered:
Please email us using details below with details of when, where, name, vehicle registration details. Or click on link below to use our contact us form.
You can contact your local authority to check if a trader has a valid Street Trading Consent below:
Bracknell Forest: licence.all@bracknell-forest.gov.uk
West Berkshire Council: licensing@westberks.gov.uk
Bracknell Forest
West Berkshire